Stimuli Limited was formed in 2006 by Brett Hutley and Helen Bucknall. Brett is a programmer who has been working professionally since 1990 and has previously run a software development company called "Software Masterworks" in Sydney back in the late 1990s. Helen has been a professional animator since the mid-1990s. Together we have oodles of experience in delivering quality products to customers.

Brett HutleyBrett's speciality is quantitative analytics - having built systems for pricing, risk analysis, high-speed algo trading. He is interested in computer security and Dev/Ops having run servers on the internet since the early 1990s. Lately he has been working on self-healing systems using Machine Learning and Algorithmic Trading Systems.

Helen BucknallHelen's speciality is animation. She is a generalist, having experience in all stages of the animation pipeline, although her main love is character animation. She has worked with some of the biggest post-production houses in London in order to bring TV and Film characters to life!

We maintain a small office in London, at Angel in Islington. We believe that online collaboration is the way forward, and we would rather invest in remote collaboration tools that make us more productive with clients than office space.

You can contact us on +44 (0) 203 887 4003